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Equipment installation

General provisions

1, equipment in the scene before opening, should be in a clean environment in storage, and should pay attention to moistureproof.

2, the equipment should be designated uncontrolled environment demolished the outer packing (biological safety cabinet except), but shall not dismantle and damage the inner packing. Equipment should be moved before entrance in the inner chamber in a controlled environment from top to bottom, first press the vacuum cleaner vacuuming, purification direction after cleaning and removed. The outer packing should be in equipment move before the entrance of the chamber in a controlled environment, first press from the top to the bottom of the order detachment.

3, equipment to the inner apart, packing shall verify documents, spare parts and equipments appearance, and should fill out the open-package inspection records, then we should to supervision engineer them. After the completion of the open-package inspection equipment shall be immediately start the installation.

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