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Refractory temperature of 1770 ~ 2000 ° C (° C) Origin Guangdong
Brand KLM product category magnesium plate
Material rockwool thermal conductivity (room temperature)
Level of qualified low-temperature bending conventional
Elongation at break of conventional flexural strength of conventional
Compressive strength of conventional tensile strength of conventional
Tear strength of conventional core material of rock wool
Form lamellar shape of a rectangular
Specifications 50-100 (mm)

Effective Width: 1150mm

Thickness: 50mm-250mm

Length: according to user requirements and length of production

Core material: glass fiber and magnesium hollow-core glass fiber and magnesium, rock wool, glass Mg-Al honeycomb

Installation agencies and purposes: tongue and groove splice

Widely used in: fire safety requirements of advanced insulation requirements of good purification plant, the combination of housing, interior partitions and other interior and exterior board.

Such as: pharmaceuticals, electronics, biological research, food, drinks, etc. purify indoor wall panels.


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