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Guangzhou the CLM Cleanroom Technology Co., Ltd., located in Panyu District of Guangzhou City, is engaged in the industrial plant air purification system, laboratories, air purification systems, plant ventilation and cooling engineering design, construction, maintenance, and clean clean room system equipment R & D, manufacturing, testing, sales and related services, specialized high-tech enterprises, is a member unit of the clean technology branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics.
The Company in the absorption of Europe and the United States and Japan purification technology, advanced design concepts and project quality control technology, combined with domestic years of experience in engineering practice, and innovation with the company a number of highly qualified and experienced professional design team, developed with industry-leading level purification equipment, highly practical value of new products. Our engineering and equipment services covering many fields of electronics, microelectronics, precision instruments, plastics, metal, precision printing, biomedical, laboratory, food processing, aerospace and aviation.
The implementation of the the FS209E U.S. federal standard, ISO 14644-1 international standard, GB50073-2001 national standards, the pharmaceutical industry clean room cleanliness standards GMP-97 and the national GMP, the QS regulatory requirements to provide customers with a professional air purification systems engineering design, construction, testing and technical support services, according to the customers the technical requirements for clean room systems and planning and design of the actual site conditions, construction and production of professional cleaning equipment [main products include: the transfer window dust in addition to the electrostatic purification equipment, automatic / cargo Airshower Clean Benches purification production line, HEPA Fan Filter Unit (FFU), dust collection, mobile self-purification, clean lockers, dehumidifier purifier, modular air handling units purifying equipment and initial efficiency, in effect, efficient, Asia and efficient smoke air filter, etc.]. We are a professional program of industrial floor construction of the ground handling experts to provide professional industrial epoxy (Epoxy) resin floor, anti-static flooring and commercial PVC floor, playgrounds and sports flooring project.
Business coverage across the country, praised by customers excellent engineering quality and integrity and responsible service attitude, we persist in the environment to create quality, quality corporate philosophy of creating wealth, and sincerely look forward to a win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant!

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