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The executive FS209E clean room we grade the federal standards, ISO14644-1 international standards, GB50073-2001 national standards, medicine industry clean workshop clarity GMP standard-97 and national GMP, QS standard requirement to provide professional air purification systems engineering design, construction and testing and technical support services, according to customer of clean room system and technical requirements of the actual situation of planning design, construction and to make major purification equipment (the main products include: dust removal in addition to electrostatic purification equipment, automatic/goods air shower room, transfer window, super clean bench, the purification water production line, high efficiency air ports, fan filter unit (FFU), dust collector, moving from the net, clean the store content ark, desiccant purification machine, modular air handling units, and high efficiency, purifying equipment, and high efficiency, in effect at the beginning of the air filter, etc, dust effect).
The clean room and that the clean room or clean room, must be in the air space of the scope of tiny particles of dust and harmful air, bacteria, and out of pollutants, and will indoor temperature and humidity, cleanliness, the indoor pressure, flow speed and flow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, static
Control in a demand range, and for the special design room.
The use of the clean room, can be roughly divided into class.
1, industrial use clean room hereinafter referred to as I.C.R to the semiconductor and electronic industry, optical machine, precision machinery, delicate painting, new materials and aviation and for scope, main control dust particles. There are three advantages: a. to enhance the quality and good rate; B. save time and cost products; C. Reduce maintenance costs. The clean room general has positive pressure type clean environment.
2, biochemical, and with the clean room B.C.R as medicine, pharmaceutical, medical, genetic industry, life sciences, health care facilities, food and biological laboratory scope, main control biological particles and dust. There are three advantages: a. prevent bacteria infections; B. improve food, drug quality; C. prolong food and drug store the deadline. Harmful biological laboratory must use of suction clean room.
At present, most manufacturers to raise the clean workshop in design, have only considered products manufacturing and assembly workshop cleanliness consideration, acceptance of work that qualified after level, with simple material change can guarantee the cleanliness and long-term space produced good rate of 1 product, but the fact is in the next use can find: clean level down, wind pressure, reduce the temperature and humidity short of asks, equipment malfunctions and often can not reach the ground damage and static electric static electricity demand and so on problems emerge in endlessly. When checking out YiErGe problem, ruled out can't solve the whole workshop benign operation.
In fact, after the completion of the clean room, need is strict management and system maintenance, to ensure clean level standard and long-term space of long-term equipment use!
The clean room management and maintenance should carry out several aspects:
1, establish a set of workshop management system, including personnel, equipment and production process, the points for attention and handle problems in time plan.
2, establish equipment regular inspection maintenance cleaning system.
3, periodically clean level data.
According to the actual situation of 4, workshop, strictly implement the consumables change frequency.
Long-term since, the enterprise is please professional purification engineering company design clean room and construction, but subsequent operation management and maintenance are not strictly according to the clean room structure, operation, management, etc to elements, and no special entrust a specialized company to do. So in the future of the actual operation of will gradually appear such problems, and to the quality of their products with catastrophic consequences, in view of this, strong has built the clean room enterprise must set up the clean room of scientific management system and set up a set of special management department to execute. If do not have this condition word, can put the whole management maintenance maintenance service pack to the company to the professional operation, in order to maintain the cleanliness level and ensure workshop enterprise the quality of the products.
The company with professional technology, according to the actual situation of the customer workshop, help customer management and maintenance clean workshop, help customers to formulating appropriate workshop management system, technical consulting and management service welcome outsourcing negotiations.

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